Equine Law

Evergreen have a team of experts in the Equestrian field and we have a wealth of experience dealing with Equine disputes ( horse / pony disputes), Sales and purchase problems and disputes and even Accidents involving riding/horses/ponie.

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Financial Law

We will review the sale of your endowment mortgage and assess whether or not you have a right to mis-selling compensation. We will act on your behalf and in your best interests at all times and seek maximum compensation for you.

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COP9 Specialists

Code of Practice 9, also known as COP9, is a tax investigation that is only opened if HMRC suspects a serious loss of tax through the fraudulent activity of a taxpayer. The initial letter HMRC issues opens with “HMRC have information that gives us reason to suspect that you have committed tax fraud.”

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Virtual Solicitors

We want to build a team of Consultant Solicitors who can do what they do best without any of the added stresses and complications along the way. Get in touch with one of our team who can help you through every step to get the ball rolling. We’d love to have you on board

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Road Traffic Accidents

Road Traffic Accidents are unfortunately extremely common and the injuries suffered by those involved can vary greatly from minor Whiplash to fatal injuries.

Evergreen Law are an experienced personal injury law firm in the UK with dedicated teams of solicitors based regionally who specialise in various different kinds of claims ensuring you get the right specialist for your claim.

We always strive to obtain the maximum amount of compensation our clients deserve in the shortest possible time.

We can help anyone who has suffered injuries in a Road Traffic Accident which was someone else’s fault and have extensive experience of acting for drivers, passengers, cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and also children injured in Road Traffic Accidents.

At Evergreen Law we also have a specialist unit who deal with claims involving serious injuries   Our team are experts in obtaining compensation for injuries such as amputations, spinal injuries, brain injuries and serious burns.

Employment Liability

If you have been injured in the workplace or involved in an accident at work through no fault of your own in the last three years you could be entitled to claim compensation. We have successfully helped a number of individuals with their employer liability cases relating to stress at work and accidents at work.

Public Liability

Every occupier of land or buildings, whether it’s at a home, shop, office, on public transport, leisure club, park or factory, has a duty to care for visitors’ safety. Public liability is when someone hurts themselves because another person or group has neglected this duty. If you were injured in an accident that was not your fault in a public place, then you may be entitled to get compensation.

The most common type of public liability claim is for a slip or trip injury. These can be caused by spillages that leave indoor floors slippery, or obstructions, or badly kept paths or roads. To get public liability compensation, you will have to show that the organisation responsible for maintaining the property or outside space was negligent.

For example, you can make a public liability claim against a shop or supermarket if you slip on water left on the floor. If your accident is on council-owned property, such as a public footpath or a school, then you can make a public liability claim against the local authority. However, if your injury happened on public property during the course of your employment, then you can make a public liability claim against your employer.

You may even be able to claim compensation under public liability regulations if your accident happened in a private home, for example, if you fell on dangerous or badly-lit steps or were hit by a falling roof tile. The home owner or landlord should have insurance coverage for these types of accidental injuries.

Occupier’s Liability

Occupiers’ liability compensation claims are quite common. Accidents may arise as a result of a defect in the property itself, or as a result of an activity being carried out on it. Stairs, for example, are a common cause of accidents in shops, businesses, restaurants and hotels etc by failure to have a handrail or the condition of the stairs themselves for example loose fitting carpet.

All occupiers have a duty to ensure that their premises and land is safe. Negligence must be proved against the occupier for a compensation claim to succeed. Occupiers also have a duty to protect trespassers; therefore you may still be able to make a claim in certain circumstances where you did not have permission to be on the premises or land.

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Clinical Negligence

Whenever we need medical advice or treatment, we place a huge amount of trust in the medical professionals who are treating us. Unfortunately, mistakes sometimes happen during clinical procedures which can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering.

If you’ve suffered as a result of medical malpractice, we’re here for you. Our experienced clinical negligence solicitors will take the time to understand what you’re going through, helping you get the answers and compensation you deserve.

Professional Negligence

In recent years the number of claims against accountants, surveyors, financial advisors and solicitors has increased dramatically.

This increase in claims is due to many factors. We now rely more on the opinion of professionals, some of this work can be extremely complex and individuals and businesses are now more aware of their legal rights and exercise them accordingly.

When you think that you have a claim, you want to find solicitors dealing with professional negligence on a day to day basis who can advise on appropriate routes to resolve the dispute, ideally on a no win no fee basis. Our solicitors advise on professional negligence law on a regular basis, usually on a no win no fee basis; our team understand the pre-action protocol and how to apply it to negligence cases

General Litigation

From boundary disputes to consumer contracts, our specialist advisers are here to offer you no nonsense efficient advice to enable to you to deal with your problem with the minimum of fuss and more importantly, cost.

Vehicle Emissions

Volkswagen estimated up to 11 million cars worldwide were fitted with cheat device software. Further revelations into the scandal confirmed 1.2 million UK cars have been affected. The scandal affects diesel cars manufactured between 2009 and 2015 and contain ‘EA 189 EU5’ engines.

The cheat device software was also fitted into the wider VAG group which includes Audi, Skoda and Seat.

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