What is Code of Practice 9?

Code of Practice 9, also known as COP9, is a tax investigation that is only opened if HMRC suspects a serious loss of tax through the fraudulent activity of a taxpayer. The initial letter HMRC issues opens with “HMRC have information that gives us reason to suspect that you have committed tax fraud.”

How can we help?

Should you choose to get specialist advice from Evergreen Law , we will:

  • Carry out a complete review of your tax affairs and history, working with you and your professional adviser, to ensure we have a full understanding of the issues and risks you are facing.
  • Prepare a strategy going forward to minimise your potential exposure to unnecessary tax, interest and penaltie
  • Should a disclosure be necessary, we will present this to HMRC to ensure that you are treated fairly and proportionately; and
  • Aim to fast track your COP9 investigation to resolution and closure of all issues to your satisfaction at minimum cost and disruption to you.

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Is COP9 Serious?

They are the most serious type of civil investigation undertaken by HMRC and are conducted by its elite investigation offices. All HMRC officers who undertake COP9 tax investigations are specialist fraud-trained investigators and should not be underestimated.

Should you be placed under COP9 tax investigation, HMRC’s published view is as follows:“You are strongly recommended to seek specialist independent professional advice…many people find it helpful to appoint a specialist adviser who is familiar with the Code of Practice, in addition to their regular advisor.”

The first stage of this type of tax investigation could involve a formal meeting with HMRC. During the meeting HMRC will seek further detail in respect of the outline disclosure provided, as well as  your personal and business affairs. You will generally be required to attend this meeting, we will attend with you.

After this we will work hard to provide the information requested by HMRC from you in a timely manner and in   accordance with their rules, we will help and advise on how best to do this.