Evergreen have a team of experts in the Equestrian field and we have a wealth of experience dealing with Equine disputes horse/pony disputes, Sales and purchase problems and disputes and even accidents

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If you have had an accident whilst horse riding and the accident was caused by someone else you could have a claim for compensation. Horse riding is a wonderful pastime but is not without its risks, everyone should be able to do what they love safely and enjoy themselves.

Accident risks can include :

  • Cars passing too close and fast on narrow country lanes
  • Collisions between cars and horses whilst out hacking
  • Accidents at work if you are working with horse at a professional yard
  • Accident whilst having a privately paid for lesson, such as the riding school failing to provide adequate safety or supervision.

We all rely on the experts when our animals are unwell but if your animal suffered unnecessary injury or death due to negligent treatment by a vet, then you may be entitled to make a claim against them. A vet may also be negligent if they fail to correctly diagnose a symptom, which later causes further problems.

Problem we can help with:

  • Dealing with the vets directly when large bills are involved and the treatment and prognosis is not definitive
  • Helping to get a second opinion when no progress is made
  • Liaising with the vets to reach a resolution when problems arise
  • Helping to provide accurate invoice analysis

The farrier will usually visit our horses between every 6- 12 weeks, we can help make a claim for compensation if they fail in their duty of care towards your horse.  if your horses has suffered as the result of a negligent farrier we can help you.

  • Equine dentist and other equine services disputes and negligence claims
  • Agreements and contracts  – loan and livery agreements, sales and purchase agreements

Agreements and contracts are the best way to make sure that any transactions you perform go as smoothly as possible.

We can help draw up agreements between the livery yard and the horse owner, this helps to narrow any issues that may occur when someone stables a horse with you long or short term.

The document we provide will be a legally binding contract that everyone adheres to make life easier.

Buying and selling horses can be a minefield but lots of issues are narrowed when you have a good contract in place from both sides.  We are experienced in both buying and selling contracts to make life easier

Horses are animals that like to roam, if your horse escapes and causes damage to someone’s home or property it can be expensive, know your rights and where you stand with clear  legal advice.


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